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Learn to build awesome dashboards like these and many more in my Excel charts and Dashboard course. The Dashboard on the right uses a touch of
macros and vba to ​update values and charts.

Pivot tables course teaches you the ins and outs of Pivot tables, and how to summarize huge amounts of data. You learn ​​​from the basics to advanced level of Pivot tables including the new
​add-in from Microsoft called ​Power Pivot.

Advanced Excel course makes you an Excel superstar, in this course,​I teach you all the techniques to summarize data, through formulas, functions, filters and advanced filters and many more methods, including Excel super hero shortcuts. Learn and master lookup functions, formula debugging and nesting formulas.​​

Macros and VBA course takes you to the next level beyond Excel. If you think you know Excel, go to the next level with Excel automation, macros and VBA coding. Learn to program Excel and generate reports in seconds. Learn the basics of looping, making summary reports automatically and much more in this course.

Join now, and become an Excel Superstar.
Guaranteed different from commercial institutes!!!
Learn any version of Excel from 2003, 2007 , 2010 and the new version 2013.​​​​
                Learn Advanced Excel techniques