How to use IF statements in your files. See the basic IF statement video on the left.

​To learn more about advanced IF logic, using multiple criterias, see the products page.
Salary survey dashboard built with multiple pivot tables linked with cells using VBA and macros to update values and charts automatically.

Raw Data is broken down first into different criterias on separate pages and then linked to a control
on one sheet.​ ​​
This video explains how to calculate your age in Excel.
There is no such formula in excel, but there is one formula that is hidden in Excel. The DatedIF function.
Using the DatedIF function you can calculate your age precisely with years, months and days.

Click on the video left to see a demonstration of how to use the function with the codes.

Enjoy!!!! and find your Excel​​​​​​
This KPI Dashboard is based on monthly , yearly , year to year and accounts receivables KPIs.